“To help children, teenagers and adults find clarity & kindness.”

Wise Games Program

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”― Plato

The person to discover here is ultimately oneself. Using various games (ie. board games, circus skills) I help young people discovering themselves and build emotional intelligence.

Young people can participate to this program with or without any academic needs. We can simply play games and improve emotional intelligence. Or we can play games together with doing some academic work to develop emotional intelligence.

If you will that program can be a goal in itself or used as a framework for tutoring.

One on One session: AU$70. At your place, online or at the studio.

Group session: AU$70 per contact hour. At your place, online or at the studio.

Organised Group session: AU$15 / participant.

Why’s Stress Program

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
― Aristotle

‘Why’s Stress’ is a program for empowering young adults to turn their stress into wisdom. Instead of trying to fix the uncomfortable effects of stress, the program is designed to help teens (14-18 years old) discover the causes of stress and uproot it completely. Putting it simply, instead of asking ourselves the question ‘How to I get rid of stress?’ we skillfully inquire about ‘Why am I stressed?’.

“Asking Why helps you to be Wise.”

This program will not only give them practical tools to deal with stress, but the confidence that they can always use the same inquiry process for mastering their well-being all thorough life. This program is built upon a framework of Dialogues, Inquiry Learning and Project Based Learning. Rooted within the Australian Health and Science Curriculum, it incorporates deep scientific inquiries and experiments alongside relevant assessment tasks and self development techniques such as insight communication, breathing, self reflection and mindfulness.

One on One or Group session: quote upon request. At your place, online or at the studio.

School booking: This program is also ideal for schools. Format & Topic are flexible and tailored to your need.

Weekly class: Comes in series of 3 classes. First class attended is by donation then AU$20 per class.


Meditation is our most powerful way to manage well-being. Amongst the many benefits, meditation can help you handle thoughts and emotions as well as learn more deeply about the mind, its limitations and potential.

Private session: quote upon request, and according to your circumstances. One on one or group session. At your place, your school, online or at the studio.

Online classes: All classes are by donation. Booking essential.

Classes at the studio: All classes are by donation. Booking essential.